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This division trades white wheat, barley and corn, and processes and sells dry edible beans and seed, as well as grain.

Idaho is the fifth largest producer of dry edible beans in the United States. Eighty percent of this production area is served by the Rangen, Inc.'s Commodities Division in Idaho's Magic Valley. Commodities are grown locally in the Magic Valley region of Idaho and are marketed primarily to local and U.S. markets. Our field representatives work directly with growers to contract production to meet your varietal needs. Because of the very low humidity, abundant sunlight, irrigation, disease-free soil and excellent grower cultural practices, high-quality crops are consistently produced.

Quality control is aided by high technology processing equipment and individual operators to achieve high-quality standards with a wide range of packaging options. Rangen, Inc. also offers both truck and direct rail delivery options for our customers throughout the United States. Rangen, Inc.'s know-how and nature's magic provide Cream of the Valley Commodities.



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Spirit of Excellence Award


Rangen Inc. is proud to have received the 2012–2014 Spirit of Excellence Awards from Hormel Foods Corporation for three consecutive years in a row!
To learn more about the award, go to: http://bit.ly/ZCwahq

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Twin Falls: 208-733-3110
Hazelton: 208-829-5481
Kimberly: 208-423-4913
Filer: 208-326-4922
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Email: commodities@rangen.com

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