The Rangen Aquaculture Research Service Center is maintained by the Rangen Inc. Aquaculture Feeds Division to provide technical support for feed customers and to advance aquaculture's science and technology base in order to address the industry's needs for improved profitability. The areas and goals of improvement include:

New Product Development: To research new products and ingredients in the continuous effort to develop feeds which result in improved dietary efficiency, animal health, and lower cost per pound of grain. Work is also done to expand the product line to provide feed for various aquaculture species, life stages, and culture environments such as larval, juvenile, and maturing shrimp. A research hatchery and grow-out facility are located on-site for production diet trials of trout. Facilities are also available for nutritional research on shrimp.

Diagnostics: To diagnose infections and noninfectious disease in production animals and determine the appropriate action to prevent and control these problems. This may include evaluation of feed, animals, and water to fully address a customer's concern.

Extension: To exchange and disseminate information through training workshops, educational seminars, and individual consultations. Topics include such things as current developments in vaccines, nutrition, oxygenation, and animal handling.

Water Quality: To monitor key water quality characteristics to maintain fish health and manage waste effectively within today's stringent governmental and environmental requirements.

Aquacultural Engineering: To improve production environments through testing of facility designs, equipment, and methods.

The Rangen Research Center works closely with The University of Idaho, The College of Southern Idaho, Texas A&M University, Auburn University, and many other aquaculture researchers to directly benefit you, the customer.  

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